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Ref: 7452797

Acarene Spray

Ref: 7452797

Veterinary spray for external deworming of pet birds and rabbits.


Companion birds and rabbits

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    Usage advice
    Acarene Spray is a solution for pigeons, parrots and other pistacidae, songbirds and ornamental birds and pet rabbits that allows to treat acariaseu plumage, dermatitis caused by mites and eliminate red mites. It is intended for external spraying on the animal to be treated.
    Product details
    Main constituents: Piperonyl butoxide 0.700g (w / w); dFenotrine 0,200g (m / m)
    How to use
    Shake the package before applying. You should spray for 3 seconds on the animal to be treated and at a distance of 20cm. Repeat the treatment every 5 days. Avoid contact with the eyes and beaks of birds, as well as with the muzzle of rabbits. In the case of depluming mites, you must burn the falling feathers.
    Acarene Spray Vet | 150mL
    • Acarene Spray Vet | 150mL