Ref: 7425462

Advantage Cat <4Kg

Ref: 7425462

Point solution indicated for the elimination of fleas and the prevention of their appearance in cats up to 4Kg of body weight.


Cats up to 4Kg

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    Usage advice
    Advantage for Cats with less than 4 kg of body weight is an external dewormer in the form of a punctiform anointing solution. It allows to prevent and control flea infestations in cats. Only one application allows to prevent infestations for a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Larval forms of fleas present in the environment are eliminated after contact with a treated animal.
    Product details
    Each 0.4mL pipette contains imidacloprid (40mg) and butylhydroxytoluene (0.4mg)
    How to use
    Carefully open the pipette and administer its contents to the cat's neck, with the fur previously removed, ensuring that the entire contents of the pipette are applied. The application must be renewed every 4 weeks.
    Advantage Cat
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