Ref: 6111005

Akile´ne Resting Balm

Ref: 6111005

Soothing balm that refreshes and comforts tired and swollen feet.


Resting Balm

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    Usage advice
    The Resting Balm decongests and relieves hot, tired and swollen feet, providing an immediate feeling of comfort, calming the burning sensation and discomfort caused by walking or tight shoes.
    Its formula also has a moisturizing, protective and soothing power.
    Product details
    Red Vine, Cassis, Cypress, Small Holly, Enoxolone, Grape Seed Oil, Beeswax, Glycerin
    How to Use
    Apply daily morning and evening to clean, dry feet, massaging gently.
    Akile´ne Resting Balm | 50ml
    • Akile´ne Resting Balm | 50ml