Ref: 6332759

Magnesium K Active

Ref: 6332759

Food supplement in the form of effervescent tablets indicated for maintaining normal energy-producing metabolism.

30 effervescent tablets

Food supplement

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    Usage advice
    Magnesium-K Active Effervescent Tablets is a food supplement containing magnesium associated with potassium. It is indicated in case of deficiencies in these nutrients or in case of intensive practice of physical activity that implies a greater need for magnesium and potassium because there is greater sweating and greater need for energy production. Magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism, normal muscle and nervous system function, normal energy-producing metabolism and hydroelectrolytic balance. Potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure and normal muscle function. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
    Product details
    Composition: Acidifier: citric acid; magnesium carbonate; potassium bicarbonate; inulin; Humidifier: sorbitol; Acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate; L-ascorbic acid; starch; Acidity regulator: sodium carbonate; Anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphate; Sweetener: sodium cyclamate; aroma; Sweetener: sodium saccharin; maltodextrin, powdered beet juice, dye, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride.
    How to use
    Take 1 tablet daily. The tablets should be dissolved in a glass of water and the resulting solution should be drunk immediately after the effervescent tablet has completely dissolved.
    Magnesium K Active x30 Effervescent Tablets
    • Magnesium K Active x30 Effervescent Tablets