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Ref: 6426551

Avène Thermal Water


Ref: 6426551

Soothing thermal water in pressurized packaging for direct spraying on the skin.


All skin types

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    How to Use
    Spray at an adequate distance from the face and let it act. You can repeat the application whenever you consider it necessary.
    Usage Advice
    The Thermal Water d'Avène is taken directly from its natural source to ensure that its soothing and soothing properties are preserved. After application on the skin, it feels a soothing softness and the comfort and freshness of the skin are restored. Its purity and smoothness provide long-lasting relief. It is indicated after a dermatological treatment, in case of redness, skin irritation, sunburn, diaper rash or after removing makeup, after shaving, after epilation or just to freshen up. High tolerance formula.
    Product Details
    Composition: Eau thermale Avène, Azote (gaz).
    Avène Thermal Water | 50mL
    • Avène Thermal Water | 50mL