Ref: 6284059

Avène Trixera Nutrition Bath Gel Special Price


Ref: 6284059

Relipid shower gel indicated for the hygiene of dry and very dry skin of the whole family.


Dry and very dry skin

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    How to Use
    Apply to previously moistened body skin and promote foaming with gentle massages. Rinse at the end.
    Usage Advice
    Avène Trixera Nutrition Shower Gel is a daily cleansing care suitable for all dry to very dry sensitive skin in the whole family. Gently cleanses, protects sensitive skin while moisturizing immediately and lastingly. It is adapted for use in babies, children and adults. Contains no soap. It presents a rich and creamy texture that leaves the skin softer and hydrated. It contains, in its composition, seletiosis that repairs the skin barrier, glycerin oleate, hydrating glycerin and d'Avène thermal water with soothing action. Daily use.
    Product Details
    Composition: Avène thermal spring water, Water (aqua), Glycerin, Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, Decyl glucoside, Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, Ceteareth-60, Myristyl glycol, Disodium cocamphoacetate, Polysorbate 20, Peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Coco-glucoside, Glyceryl oleate, Ascrobyl palmitate, Caprylyl glycol, Citric acid, Fragrance, Hydrogenated palm Glycerides citrate, Lauric acid, Lecithin, Pentyl rhamnoside, Sodium benzoate, Sodium chloride, Sodium glycolate, Sodium methyl isethionate, Tocopherol, Trisodium ethylene diamine dissucinate.
    Avène Trixera Nut Bath Gel Special Pr | 500mL
    • Avène Trixera Nut Bath Gel Special Pr | 500mL