Ref: 6364570

Chicco Baby Bottle Perfect5 240mL Boy


Ref: 6364570

Baby bottle specially adapted for comfortable breastfeeding that prevents baby from ingesting air

Silicone Teat


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    How to Use
    Wash and sterilize the bottle after each use. You can sterilize by heat or use Chicco's broad spectrum disinfectant solution.
    Usage Advice
    Chicco Bottle Perfect5 Fluxo Normal is a bottle with anti-colic effect that adapts to the baby's rhythm and suction intensity. It features an innovative anti-colic system called intui-flow® that favors physiological sucking and provides maximum well-being during and after breastfeeding. The anti-colic effect is due to the presence of an Equilibrium membrane that allows air to enter through the base of the bottle and does not mix with milk, avoiding irritability, regurgitation, gases and colic. The soft and flexible silicone Physio teat adapts perfectly to the baby's mouth and respects natural suction. Easy to clean and sterilizable. Compatible with microwave and bottle warmer. Suitable for babies over 2 months of age.
    Product Details
    Soft silicone teat. Blue color.
    Chicco Baby Bottle Perfect5 240mL Boy | 2M+
    • Chicco Baby Bottle Perfect5 240mL Boy | 2M+