Ref: 6349803

Chicco Doudou Cot Mobile


Ref: 6349803

Mobile toy indicated to fix in the baby's cradle and entertain him until he falls asleep.

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    How to Use
    Attach the toy to the baby's crib ensuring that he cannot pull the hanging toys and that the toy is securely attached.
    Usage Advice
    Chicco soft toy that contains 3 removable pendant toys made of very soft and soft fabric. Contains 1 teddy bear, 1 teddy bunny and a star. It produces the sweet melody ?Canção de embalar (Wiegenlied)? by W. A. Mozart while the suspended toys move according to the movement of the mobile. Removable soft toys are machine washable. Suitable from birth.
    Product Details
    Machine washable plush pendants. Suitable for babies from birth.
    Chicco Doudou Cot Mobile
    • Chicco Doudou Cot Mobile