Ref: 6256818

Chicco Doudou Teddy Bear


Ref: 6256818

Plush toy suitable for babies from birth, to help fall asleep or to always bring with the baby.

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    How to Use
    Place the teddy bear within reach of the baby so that he can see, touch and play with it while developing his affection.
    Usage Advice
    Teddy Bear Soft Chicco is a teddy bear recommended from birth, made with an ultra soft and delicate fabric and washable in the washing machine. It does not contain hard elements and is indicated to help snuggle and put the baby to sleep. Develops the child's affectivity.
    Product Details
    Washable at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Keep away from sources of heat and flame.
    Chicco Doudou Teddy Bear
    • Chicco Doudou Teddy Bear