Ref: 7065680

Chicco Giraffe Toy


Ref: 7065680

Toy in the shape of a giraffe that is easy to grab and contains numerous elements to stimulate the baby\'s senses.

3-24 months

Stimulates baby\'s tactile sensitivity

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    How to Use
    Before using, remove the plastic bags and all the elements that are part of the packaging, keep them out of the reach of children.
    Usage Advice
    The Chicco Girafa toy is an ideal toy for the child's teething, easy to grab and made of soft fabric and silicone. Contains 4 distinct elements corresponding to the giraffe's feet: one contains a mirror for light effects, another contains a sphere with elements that produce noise when agitated, another contains material that produces noise when the baby moves and the last contains a silicone element soft for the baby to scratch the gums when the first teeth appear. The toy helps to develop the baby's tactile sensitivity. It is indicated for babies aged between 3 and 24 months.
    Product Details
    The toy must not be washed in the washing machine. To clean, you should only clean the surface.
    Chicco Giraffe Toy
    • Chicco Giraffe Toy