Ref: 6154518

Chicco Good Night Teddy Bear Panel


Ref: 6154518

Luminous and audible panel suitable for attaching to the baby's bed and providing a relaxing atmosphere for him to fall asleep calmly.

0 m+

Pink color

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

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    How to Use
    Before using, remove the plastic bags and all the elements that are part of the packaging, keep them out of the reach of children. Place the attached toy next to the baby's crib.
    Usage Advice
    The Chicco Teddy Nightlight is a toy suitable for babies from birth and is ideal to accompany their first nights. The toy contains a volume regulator with 3 sound levels. Provides 10 minutes of music and sounds of nature. You can use it in 3 different ways, just light, just sound effects and light and sound effects, to put your baby to sleep peacefully. The toy allows the child to develop his musical sensitivity and visual abilities, following objects and distinguishing shapes and colors.
    Product Details
    Requires 3 1.5V AA batteries included. Pink color
    Chicco Good Night Teddy Bear Panel
    • Chicco Good Night Teddy Bear Panel