Ref: 6221051

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Chicco Pink Goodnight Moon Panel


Ref: 6221051

Luminous and audible panel suitable for attaching to the baby's bed and providing a relaxing atmosphere for him to fall asleep calmly.

Bach and Mozart songs

Light Effects

Available Colorsúnico

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    How to Use
    Attach the luminous panel to the baby's bed so that the baby can touch it without removing it. Turn on the panel and provide your baby with a relaxing atmosphere.
    Usage Advice
    Chicco Goonight Moon is a panel that attaches to the baby's bed and that aims to relax the baby with classical music by Bach and Mozart and light effects. It consists of a night light that creates a magical atmosphere for the baby to fall asleep. Contains a soft character hugged to the luminous moon. Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 5.5 cm
    Product Details
    Pink color. Also available in blue.
    Chicco Goodnight Moon Pink
    • Chicco Goodnight Moon Pink