Ref: 7762799

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Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle 150mL


Ref: 7762799

Baby bottle specially adapted for comfortable breastfeeding that prevents baby from ingesting air

Silicone Teat


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    How to Use
    Wash and sterilize the bottle after each use. You can sterilize by heat or use Chicco's broad spectrum disinfectant solution.
    Usage Advice
    The Chicco Natural Feeling 2m+ bottle is a bottle suitable for newborn babies, whose teat is similar to the mother's breast to mimic the breast. Prevents air intake and, consequently, cramps, hiccups and regurgitation. Provides breastfeeding in the correct and comfortable position for the baby. It has an ergonomic shape adapted to the baby's small mouth, facilitating sucking, and which simulates the mother's breast. The teat of the bottle is made of soft and flexible silicone. The anti-drip cover protects and allows for greater hygiene. Without BPA.
    Product Details
    Fast flow. Soft silicone teat. Pink color.
    Chicco Nat Feel Bottle 150mL | 0M+
    • Chicco Nat Feel Bottle 150mL | 0M+