Ref: 6976019

Chicco Physio Soft Silicone Pacifier Pink


Ref: 6976019

Silicone pacifier specially designed to provide comfort similar to the mother's breast.

Silicone Pacifier


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    How to Use
    The Chicco Physiosoft pacifier can be used at any time of the day, including when the baby falls asleep and with maximum comfort guarantee.
    Usage Advice
    Chicco Physio Soft silicone pacifier is a pacifier developed with extra soft and flexible silicone so as not to disturb the baby. It has a base similar to the mother's breast, allowing the lips to rest comfortably, and ventilation holes for air circulation and in order to avoid the accumulation of saliva and consequent irritations. Suitable for babies over the age of 6 months. Without BPA.
    Product Details
    The Chicco Physio Soft pacifier is made of soft silicone. Pink color. Available in Pink, Blue and Neutral.
    Chicco Physio Soft Silicone Pacifier Pink | 6-12M
    • Chicco Physio Soft Silicone Pacifier Pink | 6-12M