Ref: 6305110

Chicco Refills for Physioclean Nasal Aspirator


Ref: 6305110

Refills compatible with the Chicco Physioclean nasal aspirator indicated to remove dirt and impurities from babies' nostrils

Contains 10 refills

Compatible with Chicco Physioclean nasal aspirator

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    How to Use
    Apply the refill to the Chicco Physioclean nasal aspirator and clean the baby's nose with suction to remove the trash and impurities from the baby's nose
    Usage Advice
    Chicco Physioclean Refills for Nasal Aspirator contains 10 refills for the Chicco Physioclean nasal aspirator. The soft and flexible plastic nipples fit the baby's nose and care for it with maximum hygiene. The nozzles are equipped with anti-obstruction side openings and an absorbent filter.
    Chicco Physioclean Refills | x10
    • Chicco Physioclean Refills | x10