Ref: 6093492

Chicco Sweet House Music Box


Ref: 6093492

Sound panel suitable for attaching to baby's bed or stroller and providing a relaxing atmosphere for you to fall asleep calmly.

0 m+

Music box without night light

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    How to Use
    Before using, remove the plastic bags and all the elements that are part of the packaging, keep them out of the reach of children. Place the attached toy next to the baby's crib.
    Usage Advice
    Chicco Sweet Box Music Box 0M + is a suitable toy from birth that plays a soft melody. While the toy makes music, the kitten's heart swirls and entertains the baby. It has a ribbon to be able to place the toy in the baby's crib or stroller. The toy helps to develop the baby's musical sensitivity.
    Chicco Sweet House Music Box
    • Chicco Sweet House Music Box