Ref: 7774992

Chicco Breast Protectors


Ref: 7774992

Silicone breast protectors indicated to protect nipples from the aggression caused by suckling breastfeeding

Soft Silicone

Natural effect

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size
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    How to Use
    Place the breast protector on the nipple before breastfeeding and proceed to breastfeed with the protector on. At the end, you must wash and sterilize the protectors before the next use.
    Usage Advice
    Chicco Silicone Breast Protectors are protective pieces for mothers' breasts during breastfeeding. They are made of soft and thin silicone, protect irritated nipples and allow breastfeeding in case of flattened nipples. The teat features raised rings to reproduce the characteristics of the natural nipple and the shape of the Chicco protectors allows the baby's nose to contact the mother's skin. It contains a small sterile case to store the protectors. Size M-L
    Product Details
    Made of soft silicone. Size M-L
    Chicco x2 Breast Protectors | Tam M-L
    • Chicco x2 Breast Protectors | Tam M-L