Ref: 6875120

Dentaid Xeros Mouthwash

Ref: 6875120

Dentaid xeros mouthwash helps eliminating food particles, bacteria causing bad breath and keeping mouth wet.

Mouthwash indicated in case of dried mouth or xerostomia

Eliminates bacteria causing bad breath and prevents tooth decay

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    How to Use
    Rinse 15mL for 30 seconds after brushing your teeth. It is not advisable to eat or drink 30 minutes after using Dentaid Xeros mouthwash.
    Usage Advice
    Indications: Dentaid Xeros Mouthwash is a mouthwash solution indicated for diary usage in case of dried mouth or xerostomia. Hydrates the mouth. It is advisable to be used after brushing teeth for hydration and equilibration of salivary flow. It helps eliminating food particles and keeping mouth wet. It prevents tooth decay and bad breath. Remineralizes teeth without irritation.
    Product Details
    Betaine 1.33%, Xylitol 3.30%, Sodium fluoride 0.05%, Allantoin 0.10%
    Dentaid Xeros Mouthwash | 500mL
    • Dentaid Xeros Mouthwash | 500mL