Ref: 6656967

Elugel Oral Gel

Ref: 6656967

Oral Gel containing Chlorhexidine (0,2%) with a purifying action that prevents and reduces bacterial plaque.

Oral gel for mouth hygiene and purification after oral interventions.

Does not substitute teethbrushing

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    How to Use
    Apply a thin layer over the teeth and brush softly after the regular routine, 2 to 3 times per day. Do not rinse.
    Usage Advice
    Indications: Elugel is an oral gel with a purifying effect. Contains, on its composition, Chlorhexidine (0,2%). It prevents bacterial plaque formation. It is indicated as a complement for oral surgery, periodontal and implant treatment. Provides a correct oral hygiene for people unable to totally brush their teeth.
    Product Details
    Water (aqua). glycerin. sorbitol. hydroxyethylcellulose. benzyl alcohol. carmine (CI 75470). chlorexidine digluconate. flavor (aroma). hydrolyzed corn starch. limonene. maltodextrin. sodium hydroxide.
    Elugel Oral Gel | 40mL
    • Elugel Oral Gel | 40mL