Ref: 6426031

Epitact Hallux Valgus Orthosis

Ref: 6426031

Hallux Valgus orthotics indicated for realigning the big toe and optimizing the impulse of athletes.

Concentrated Technology in less than 10g

Protect and correct the big toe position

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    How to Use
    First, check that the big finger moves sideways with the help of your hand. If not, you should not use this device. To put it on, put your foot through the strap and cover the big toe. Place the EpitheliumTM insert behind the bunion. Can be used daily. Do not sleep with the device on. The Orthosis can be used on both the right and left feet.
    Usage Advice
    Indications: Epitact Hallux Valgus Orthosis was developed to act dynamically during sports practice and adapt to all footwear. It acts on 3 complementary factors to realign the big toe and optimize the impulse. It has a corrective action thanks to the silicone tendon EpitheliumFlex, associated with the tab for support. It allows to straighten the big toe, limit pronation and optimize the impulse in sports practice, important to improve performance. It has a protective action thanks to the external EpitheliumFlex tendon that allows it to absorb pressure and friction on exostosis and avoid the risk of heating. It also provides maintenance action thanks to the compression metatarsal brace that helps control the crushing and development of the forefoot.
    Product Details
    Technology concentrated in only 10g. Composition: 52% Silicone, 48% polyamide / elastane fabric.
    Epitact Hallux Valgus Orthosis | Size M
    • Epitact Hallux Valgus Orthosis | Size M