Ref: 6138719

Epitact Heels Pads

Ref: 6138719

Calcaneal spurs to cushion the impact caused by walking and back and joint pain

Cushions the impact of walking

Prevents and reliefs back pain and joint pain

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    How to Use
    Fix the heel pads to the shoes with the aid of a double adhesive and put them on normally.
    Usage Advice
    Indications: Calcaneus spurs prevent and relieve joint and back pain caused by the impact of walking because of the inefficiency of cushioning at each step. Physio?Choc TM is 5 mm thick and effectively absorbs impact. It consists of an EpitheliumTM silicone gel that provides comfort to those who suffer from heel spurs. The heel pads are attached to the shoes through their double adhesive, allowing a practical use and the cushioning of the impact caused by walking, as well as, consequently, of the joint and back pain that result from this condition.
    Product Details
    Composition: 76% Physio'ChocTM, 24% silicone. Materials recommended by podiatrists.
    Epitact Heel Spurs | Size L
    • Epitact Heel Spurs | Size L