Ref: 7312934


Ref: 7312934

Food supplement indicated in nutritional and energy supplementation in case of nutritional deficiency.


High energy powder formula

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    Usage advice
    Fantomalt is a powdered food supplement indicated for the production of porridge to feed people with nutritional deficiencies, in case of insufficient energy intake or in case of increased energy needs. It was formulated in powder based on maltodextrin with neutral flavor. Alternatively, it can be added to foods or drinks, sweet or savory. Contains no gluten, lactose or milk proteins.
    Product details
    Nutritional Composition per 100 g: Energy: 384 kcal; 1630 kJ, Proteins: 0 g, Carbs: 96 g, Lipids: 0 g, Fiber: 0 g
    How to use
    Mix the recommended amount in a cold liquid to obtain a homogeneous consistency. Each measuring spoon is equivalent to 19kcal.
    Fantomalt | 400g
    • Fantomalt | 400g