Ref: 5481353

Fastum 100mg/g gel

Ref: 5481353

Non-prescription drug indicated in adults for the local treatment of mild to moderate muscle and joint pain.


Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription

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    How to Use
    This medicine is intended for cutaneous application, using a gentle massage to facilitate absorption in the affected region. It should be applied three to four times a day for 14 days, the dose to be applied must correspond to 2.5 to 5 cm of gel. In the case of rheumatic disorders, with longer treatment periods, the number of applications should be reduced to two to three daily applications. It should not be used longer than 14 days for soft tissue injuries and/or rheumatism, or 21 days for arthritis pain, unless recommended by a physician. When used without a prescription, if the patient does not improve within 7 days or becomes worse, consult your doctor.
    It is contraindicated in the following situations: hypersensitivity to etofenamate or any of the excipients; pregnancy; children and eczematous surfaces, open wounds, ulcerated or injured areas.
    If in doubt or if symptoms persist, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
    Usage Advice
    Fastum 100mg/g gel is indicated in adults for the local treatment of mild to moderate muscle pain; bruises; post-traumatic pain; mild and moderate rheumatic pain (ostearthrosis/osteoarthritis); mild to moderate joint pain; topical treatment of synovitis, arthritis (non-infectious), bursitis, tendinitis; moderate inflammation of musculoskeletal origin, namely post-traumatic or rheumatic origin.
    Product Details
    Active substance: ethofenamate.
    Fastum 100mg/g gel | 100g
    • Fastum 100mg/g gel | 100g