Ref: 7947952

Futuro Ankle Support

Ref: 7947952

Ankle support with adjustable strap that helps relieve injured ankles

Adjustable strap

Adapts to footwear

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    How to Use
    Put on the ankle support and wrap the elastic band around the ankle, securing it with the close on itself, in the appropriate measure.
    Usage Advice
    Indications: Future Ankle Support provides firm support that helps to relieve pain in cases of ankle sprain, chronic instability and joint overload. It consists of an adjustable strap for a personalized support made with soft and comfortable materials and a thin fabric for an optimal adaptation to the footwear. Prevents new injuries. It is indicated for use throughout the day or during the practice of activities that cause discomfort. If the pain and discomfort persist or intensify, stop using the product and consult your doctor.
    Product Details
    Contains 1 ankle support. The product contains natural latex that can cause allergic reactions.
    Futuro Ankle Sup | Size M
    • Futuro Ankle Sup | Size M