Ref: 7967208

Futuro Thumb Support

Ref: 7967208

Thumbs support with adjustable strap that helps relieve injured thumbs.

Adjustable strap

Breathable Material

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    How to Use
    Put the thumb support on the affected thumb and wrap the wider tape around the wrist, to ensure that the device is adjusted, and close with Velcro. Wrap the thinnest tape around the thumb and close with Velcro as necessary to confirm the stabilization of the thumb.
    Usage Advice
    Indications: Future Thumb stabilizer support provides comfortable protection and stabilization support for weak and sore wrists. Helps stabilize thumb joints while allowing freedom of movement for the remaining fingers. It is indicated for those who have arthritis give degenerative diseases of the joints. It is advisable to use it all day or during activities that cause discomfort. If the discomfort or pain persists or intensifies, stop using the product and consult your doctor.
    Product Details
    Contains 1 thumb support. The material of the product is breathable and adjustable to the wrist diameter.
    Futuro Thumb Sup | Size L-XL
    • Futuro Thumb Sup | Size L-XL