Ref: 7753186

Grintuss Pediatric Syrup 180g

Ref: 7753186

Pediatric Grintuss Syrup soothes coughs by protecting the mucosa.


Promotes the elimination of mucus

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    How to Use
    It is recommended to take 5 ml (one measuring spoon) for children from 1 to 6 years old and 10 ml (two measuring spoons) for children over 6 years old, two to four times a day, taking the last dose before to sleep. Shake before use. Contains measuring spoon.

    Close the bottle tightly after use and carefully wash the measuring spoon. Use the product within three months after opening.
    Usage Advice
    Grintuss is a product based on honey and molecular complexes that performs a protective and consequently soothing action on the upper respiratory tract. It acts on dry coughs, fighting mucosal irritation and on productive coughs, favoring hydration and the elimination of mucus. Grintuss is a product with ingredients from Organic Agriculture, gluten free and with a pleasant taste.
    Product Details
    Honey; Molecular Complex of Resins, Polysaccharides and Flavonoids from Grindelia, Plantain and Helichris (Poliresin®); Titrated in polysaccharides (molecular weight >20,000 Dalton) ? 20%, Cane Sugar; Water; Essential Oils of: Lemon, Sweet Orange, Myrtle; Natural lemon scent; arabic gum; xanthan gum.
    Grintuss Pediatric Syrup 180g
    • Grintuss Pediatric Syrup 180g