Ref: 6764290

Hylo Comod Eye Drops

Ref: 6764290

Hylo-Comod Eye Drops is indicated for intense lubrication of the ocular surface in situations of dryness, burning or foreign body sensation due to environmental conditions, and also after ophthalmic surgical interventions.


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    How to Use
    Hylo-Comod Lubricant Eye Drops is an ideal sterile solution for eye lubrication.
    Allows intense and especially long-lasting humidification for dry eyes.
    Compatible with contact lenses.
    No phosphates and preservatives.
    Usage Advice
    Hold the bottle upside down, support your hand holding the bottle and tilt your head back slightly, pull your lower eyelid away and apply strong, brief pressure to the central part of the bottle.
    Slowly close your eyes to allow the fluid to spread evenly across the surface of the eye.
    Product Details
    Sodium Hyaluronate 1mg/mL
    Hylo Comod Eye Drops | 10mL
    • Hylo Comod Eye Drops | 10mL