Ref: 1012062

Vanilla Coffret Shower Gel + Hand Cream + Candle

Ref: 1012062

Aromatic coffret containing shower gel, hand cream, aromatic candle and bath puff

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Vanilla Aroma

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    How to Use
    Apply a small amount of the shower gel to the bath puff or hand and apply it to the body promoting the formation of foam and the release of the vanilla aroma. For a more aromatic and relaxing bath or shower experience, you can light the candle that comes with the coffret. Apply hand cream to clean, dry hands and massage to promote absorption.
    Usage Advice
    Special vanilla scented coffret. Contains a 100mL shower gel to make your bath or shower an aromatic and relaxing moment, a 100mL hand cream with an aroma of bergamot, vanilla, milk and amber, with an ultra sweet and delicate texture, an aromatic candle of vanilla milk and an ultra-soft bath puff. This set was designed to make your bathing or showering ritual a unique moment of well-being and personal care and to provide you with a moisturizing and very pleasant hand care for caring, healthy hands with a pleasant vanilla aroma.
    Product Details
    Contains 100mL Shower Gel, 100mL Hand Cream, 1 aromatic candle and 1 bath puff. Presented in a beautiful carton and ideal to offer.
    Vanilla Coffret Shower Gel + Hand Cream + Candle
    • Vanilla Coffret Shower Gel + Hand Cream + Candle