Ref: 6162792

Interprox Nano Interdental Brushes

Ref: 6162792

Interdental Cleaning Brushes to help removing bacterial plaque between teeth.

Nano Interdental Cleaning Brushes

Removes bacterial plaque between teeth.

Available Colorsúnico

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    How to Use
    Introduce the brush in the gap between teeth and clean moving back and forth.
    Usage Advice
    Indications: Interprox Interdental Cleaning Brushes are indicated to clean between teeth. The brushes measure 0,6mm. Are indicated to remove bacterial plaque between teeth, especially in people with implant or orthodontic appliances. Contains 6 interdental brushes.
    Product Details
    Interprox Int Brush Nano | x6
    • Interprox Int Brush Nano | x6