Ref: 6032649

Klorane Trio Keratin Caps

Ref: 6032649

Food supplement indicated to supply the deficiencies in nutrients necessary to maintain healthy hair.

3x30 capsules

Strength and Vitality

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    How to Use
    Take one capsule a day with the help of a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
    Usage Advice
    Klorane's Keratin Capsules are a food supplement that offers a set of essential nutrients for stronger hair. It contains, in its composition, keratin which is the hair's constitutive protein, quinine that favors microcirculation, vitamin B6 that contributes to the normal synthesis of cysteine, vitamin B8 or Biotin, zinc and selenium for the maintenance of normal hair, vitamin E with antioxidant action to protect cells against undesirable oxidations and vitamin B3 which contributes to the reduction of fatigue. The supplement allows to give strength and vitality to the hair, compensating for the nutritional deficiencies of the organism and creating healthy hair since it starts to be born.
    Product Details
    Composition: Pumpkin seed oil (Curcubita pepo), yellow beeswax (E901),protein hydrolysate of keratine, zinc sulphate,dl alpha-tocopheryl acetate,nicotinamide,rapeseed lecithin (E322),pyridoxine hydrochloride,quinquina dry extract (Cinchona pubescens),sodium selenite,biotin, [coating : fish gelatine,glycerol (E422)]
    Klorane Trio Keratin Caps | 3x30unit
    • Klorane Trio Keratin Caps | 3x30unit