Ref: 6403196


Ref: 6403196

Cream for 1st and 2nd degree burns, solar erythema and non-infected wounds. Can be used on babies, children and adults.



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    Usage advice
    Lamicreme is indicated for first or second degree burns, sunburns and non-infected wounds. It can also be used in case of skin redness associated with radiotherapy.
    Product details
    Formulated with purified water, ethylene glycol stearate, liquid paraffin, pentanediol, stearic acid, paraffin wax, perhydrosqualene, avocado oil, sodium alginate, trolamine, cetyl palmitate, potassium sorbate, honelia fragrance.
    How to Use
    In case of a first degree burn: Apply a thick layer and gently massage until the product is fully absorbed, repeating this process 2 to 4 times a day, as needed.
    In case of a second degree burn and uninfected wounds: After cleaning care, apply a thick layer and repeat this procedure several times a day. In addition, if necessary, you can use gauze to cover the wound.
    Lamicreme  | 60mL
    • Lamicreme  | 60mL