Ref: 7311282

Midro Laxative Tea

Ref: 7311282

Tea with laxative properties that contributes to the regularization of intestinal transit.



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    Midro Laxative Tea is a dietary tea formulated based on a selection of plants with recognized properties in regulating intestinal transit. Contains, in its composition, senna with laxative properties, peppermint to improve the taste and a mixture of cumin, licorice and mallow. It contributes to the maintenance of normal intestinal transit and is indicated in case of occasional constipation or low gravity constipation.
    Product details
    Composition: Sennae folium, Carvi fructus, Menthae piperitae folium, Liquiritiae radix, Calcatrippae flos e Malvae flos.
    How to use
    Chew or swallow dry or mixed with liquid or fruit. Tea can be added to cold or hot water and drunk after filtration.
    Midro Laxative Tea | 80g
    • Midro Laxative Tea | 80g