Ref: 1013367

Mimos Pillowcase Size M

Ref: 1013367

Mimos Size M baby orthopedic pillow case

4 unit

No risk of CO2 inhalation

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    Usage Advice
    The pillowcases for the Mimos pillow are made to measure for each size of Mimos pillow and certified in independent laboratories to ensure the safety of the baby. You should not use another fabric to cover the Mimos cushion or pillowcase, as in this case, the baby's anti-suffocation safety is not guaranteed and could cause suffocation. The pillowcase for the Mimos pillow protects the pillow from small vomiting and baby sweat.
    Product Details
    Size M. Compatible with Mimos pillow Size M. Breathable fabric. Ensures anti-suffocation security.
    Mimos Pillowcase Size M
    • Mimos Pillowcase Size M