Ref: 6943779

Mustela Baby Bag Indispensable


Ref: 6943779

Indispensable bag that contains the essentials for the first care of baby

Blue color

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    How to Use
    Apply Mustela Dermo-Lavante on baby's wet skin and scalp, when bathing and massage gently. Rinse with water. Apply Mustela Hydra-Bebé Body to the baby's skin previously clean and dry and promote absorption with gentle massages. Apply Mustela Cleansing Water to a compress and clean the face or the diaper area by renewing the compress until complete cleaning. Apply Mustela 123 to the genital area after diaper change hygiene, to avoid rash.
    Usage Advice
    Mustela Baby Indispensable Blue Bag is a bag made up of baby hygiene essentials so that no product is left out of the luggage. This set includes Mustela Dermo-Lavante 100mL for body and scalp hygiene, Mustela 123 50mL that repairs and soothes diaper rash, Mustela Hydra-Bebé Body cream 100mL to daily moisturize baby's skin and Mustela Cleansing Water for gentle cleansing of the face and diaper area.
    Product Details
    Includes Mustela Dermo-Lavante 100mL, Mustela 123 50mL, Mustela Hydra-Bebé Body 100mL and Mustela Cleansing Water. Blue color.
    Mustela Baby Bag Indispensable
    • Mustela Baby Bag Indispensable