Ref: 6943761

Mustela Baby Basket Essentials Pink


Ref: 6943761

Basket containing the essentials for the care of cleaning and hydrating a baby with normal skin

Dermatologically and pediatrically tested


Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    How to Use
    Apply the products to the baby according to the instructions on the products's packaging.
    Usage Advice
    Mustela Baby Basket of Essentials is composed of a set of essential products to your baby's hygiene and hydration. Contains the following products: Mustela Baby Normal Skin Gentle Cleansing Gel; Mustela Baby Normal Skin Hydra Baby Face Cream; Mustela Baby Normal Skin Hydra-Baby Body Milk; Mustela Baby Changing Diaper Cream Diaper Zone 1> 2> 3; Mustela Baby Saline; Mustela Baby Changes Diapers Cleaning Wipes Scented Soaps.
    Product Details
    Other colors available.
    Mustela Baby Basket Essentials Pink
    • Mustela Baby Basket Essentials Pink