Ref: 6004523

Mustela Baby Nasal Spray


Ref: 6004523

Nasal spray indicated for daily cleaning of the nasal passages of babies and for the prevention of otitis and other infections

Daily cleaning of the nasal cavities

Nasal decongestant

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    How to Use
    Apply 2 sprays per nostril morning and night and blow the baby's nose. Wash the diffuser after each use.
    Usage Advice
    Mustela Baby Care Spray for Nasal Congestion is a 100% natural sea water spray to decongest baby's nasal passages. Indicated for use at the first symptoms of congestion, constipation or rhinitis. Gently cleans, humidifies and decongests the nasal cavities.
    Product Details
    Composition: Purified water.
    Mustela Baby Cong Nasal Spray | 150mL
    • Mustela Baby Cong Nasal Spray | 150mL