Ref: 6919209

Mitosyl Lassar Paste

Ref: 6919209

Protective paste that forms a protective barrier against irritations caused by the diaper.

Pediatric use

Protects against irritation

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    How to Use
    Clean the baby's affected area and dry thoroughly. Apply 1 or 2 times a day, in a thin layer, to any part of the body (except the mucous membranes).
    Usage Advice
    Mitosyl Lassar Paste protects baby's skin and prevents it from possible irritations. It is composed of zinc oxide, absorbent and astringent, corn starch, with absorbent and protective properties of wetlands, lanolin and petroleum jelly.
    Product Details
    Composition: Petrolatum, Zinc oxide (25%), Zea mays starch, Lanolin, Paraffinum liquidum.
    Mitosyl Lassar Paste | 45g
    • Mitosyl Lassar Paste | 45g