Ref: 7366054

Nan Optipro 3

Ref: 7366054

Formula milk inspired by breast milk, indicated in the varied feeding of babies from 10 months of age.



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    Nan Optipro HM-O 3 Milk is a transition formula milk suitable for infants from 10 months of age. It is intended, together with other foods, for the baby's diverse diet. It features a formula inspired by the composition of breast milk to adapt perfectly to the baby. It contains, in its composition, oligosaccharides from human milk that help to strengthen the baby's immune system, Optipro with dynamic protein with the protein quality adjusted to the baby, DHA that contributes to the normal visual development of infants and lactose.
    Nan Optipro 3 | 800g
    • Nan Optipro 3 | 800g