Ref: 6968438

NeoFitoroid Ointment 40mL

Ref: 6968438

Hemorrhoidal disorders, relieves pain, burning and itching by protecting the mucosa.


Hemorrhoidal Disorders

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    How to Use
    For external application, apply and massage gently into the anal and perianal area. For an internal application, use the specific endorectal cannula tightened in the tube. Apply enough ointment to cover the affected area. Use the product after evacuation and after careful and gentle washing of the anal and perianal area. To obtain a preventive effect against irritation due to friction, the treatment can also be carried out before evacuation, remembering to apply the product afterwards. After use, unscrew the cannula, clean it carefully with hot soapy water and close the ointment tube. It is possible to repeat the application several times a day, even at short intervals, and for prolonged periods.
    Usage Advice
    NeoFitoroid Ointment is a product based on plant molecular complexes, which develops a soothing action, protecting the anorectal mucosa, useful to combat discomfort (pain, burning and itching), irritation and inflammation, present in case of hemorrhoids. NeoFitoroid Ointment is also suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It does not contain steroids or anesthetics and, thanks to its mechanism of action, it does not irritate and does not dry out the mucosa.
    Product Details
    Lyophilized extracts of Helicriso, flowering ends lipophilic fraction (Helydol)* and Holly, root*; Aloe vera dehydrated foliar gel*; Helicriso aqueous solution, flowered ends*; Hypericum oily extract, flowery ends*; Jojoba Oil*; Karite butter*; Essential oils of: Melaleuca, Cypress and Peppermint. glycerylstearate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, sucrose distearate, sucrose stearate, cetylstearyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin, trihydroxystearine, vegetable oils, hydrogenated vegetable oils, candelilla wax, xanthan gum, citric acid, tocopherols, sodium silicate, benzyl alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Sunflower Oil.
    NeoFitoroid Ointment 40mL
    • NeoFitoroid Ointment 40mL