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Ref: 7373142

Nestlé Expert Sinlac

Ref: 7373142

Food flour indicated in the preparation of gluten-free porridge for babies from 4 months of age.



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    Usage advice
    Nestlé Expert Sinlac is a flour to prepare with water. It allows you to prepare a cereal porridge for feeding babies and children who should not eat milk, lactose, gluten and soy. It is intended for feeding babies over 4 months of age and meets the nutritional needs of children with food intolerances or allergies. It consists of a nutritionally complete cereal with high nutritional value, providing the necessary amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals essential for the healthy development of the baby. It consists of rice flour and locust bean seeds and is nutritionally enriched in iron, zinc and vitamins A and C.
    How to use
    Wash hands before preparing. Add 50g of flour to about 150mL of previously boiled water and mix until you get a homogeneous porridge. Administer to the baby ensuring that the porridge is at an appropriate temperature.
    Nestlé Expert Sinlac | 250g
    • Nestlé Expert Sinlac | 250g