Ref: 7992867

Nuk Cleaning Detergent

Ref: 7992867

Detergent for cleaning and sanitizing baby's utensils and accessories.


Smooth formula

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    How to Use
    When disinfecting bottles, teats, pacifiers, etc.: Dilute with water and wash baby's utensils and accessories, keeping the solution in contact for a few minutes or leaving previously washed objects immersed in the liquid for a few minutes. Rinse objects with water.
    Usage Advice
    The Nuk Detergent for cleaning and disinfecting baby bottles and accessories was made with natural products. They allow the quick washing of baby bottles, teats and utensils with a formula specially indicated for cleaning children's utensils. The presence of natural enzymes in its composition allows the removal of dirt residues, proteins from the remains of milk and other liquids from bottles. It has a mild formula, neutral pH, without odor or dyes.
    Nuk Cleaning Detergent | 380mL
    • Nuk Cleaning Detergent | 380mL