Ref: 7984450

Nuk First Choice Baby Bottle Learning

Ref: 7984450

Learning bottle indicated for the transition from bottle to cup for babies from 6 months of age.

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    How to Use
    Wash all components of the bottle before first use. Insert the contents through the bottle's mouthpiece and close with the remaining constituent parts. Wash the bottle after each use.
    Usage Advice
    The Disney Mickey Mouse Learning Bottle from Nuk is a bottle with a soft silicone spout and anti-spill action. It was produced with an elastic and odorless material, neutral in flavor, extremely resistant to heat and free of harmful substances. It features the Nuk Air-System anti-colic system that manages the air flow so that the baby ingests the contents of the bottle without accidentally ingesting air. Features ergonomic handles designed for the child. Easy to dismantle for washing and easy for baby to use. Facilitates the transition to drinking without help for children from 6 months of age. BPA free.
    Nuk First Choice Baby Bottle Learning | 150mL
    • Nuk First Choice Baby Bottle Learning | 150mL