Ref: 6908970

Nuk First Choice x2 Teat Silicone

Ref: 6908970

Soft silicone teat suitable for babies between 0 and 6 months of age.

2 units


Available Colorsúnico

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    How to Use
    Sterilize teats before use. Apply the teats to the bottle and close. Periodically sterilize both the teats and the respective bottle.
    Usage Advice
    Nuk First Choice Silicone Teats are the right shape for baby's jaw and mimic the mother's nipple while breastfeeding. They are made of very soft silicone to provide a natural feeling. Size L Suitable for thick liquids. They feature the improved Nuk Air System anti-colic system. They are suitable for all Nuk First Choice bottles and Nuk breast milk containers.
    Nuk First Choice x2 Teat Silicone L | 0-6M
    • Nuk First Choice x2 Teat Silicone L | 0-6M