Ref: 7486324

Nuk Nature Sense Kit Bottles + Pacifier

Ref: 7486324

Kit that includes two Natural Sense bottles and their teats and a Nuk pacifier.

Baby bottle 150mL + Baby bottle 260mL + Pacifier

Teat size S + Teat size M

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    How to Use
    Wash and sterilize the components of both bottles and the pacifier before use and repeat the procedure after successive use of them.
    Usage Advice
    The Kit contains a 150mL and another 260mL Nature Sense Bottle, a size S teat (for breast milk, teas and water) and another size M (for formula milk) compatible with both bottles and a Nuk pacifier. The Nature Sense Baby Bottle with silicone teat from Nuk is a baby bottle that aims to provide a sensation of natural breastfeeding for the baby. The teat made of soft, odorless and tasteless silicone has several small holes inspired by the mother's breast ducts to ensure a smooth and natural flow. It features a wider and more flexible shape to support the baby's lips and an anti-colic valve that prevents air intake during the baby's feeding. The bottle was made of high quality, high temperature resistant polypropylene, free of BPA.
    Nuk Nature Sense Kit Bottles + Pacifier
    • Nuk Nature Sense Kit Bottles + Pacifier