Ref: 7479790

Nuk Nature Sense x2 Teat Silicone

Ref: 7479790

Soft silicone teats with an ergonomic shape mimicking the breast.

2 units


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    How to Use
    Sterilize teats before use. Apply the teats to the bottle and close. Periodically sterilize both the teats and the respective bottle.
    Usage Advice
    Nuk's Nature Sense teats are very soft silicone teats with small holes inspired by the mother's breast ducts to ensure a flow of milk similar to that of the baby's natural feeding experience. It features a wide support area for baby's lips, wide and flexible and a soft nipple-like teat top, as well as an innovative anti-colic valve that allows a constant flow of liquid and prevents the baby from ingesting air.
    Nuk Nature Sense x2 Teat Silicone | 6-18M
    • Nuk Nature Sense x2 Teat Silicone | 6-18M