Ref: 6264952

Nuk Sensitive x2 Silicone Pacifier

Ref: 6264952

Extra soft and ergonomic silicone pacifier that mimics the mother's breast.

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    How to Use
    Sterilize the pacifier in very hot water or with a baby accessories sterilization solution and repeat the procedure periodically. When placing the pacifier in the baby's mouth, be sure to place it in the correct position.
    Usage Advice
    Nuk's Sensitive pacifier is a pacifier with an orthodontic shape suitable for the correct development of the palate, to promote a strong jaw and an agile tongue. It was made with 100% extra soft and flexible silicone and adapts to the baby's face like a second skin and without exerting pressure or covering his nose. Its flexible and slightly curved shape is very comfortable and aims to mimic the mother's nipple while breastfeeding.
    Nuk Sensitive x2 Silicone Pacifier | 6-18M
    • Nuk Sensitive x2 Silicone Pacifier | 6-18M