Ref: 7423764

Ocryl Veterinary Ophthalmic Solution

Ref: 7423764

Veterinary ophthalmic and eyelid cleaning solution.


Veterinary use

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    Usage advice
    Ocryl Solution Ophthalmic is a veterinary product indicated in the eye hygiene of dogs, cats, horses, birds, rodents and reptiles. It is intended for the physiological cleaning of the eyeball, the eye contour and the eyelids to eliminate dust, residues, incrustations and irritating secretions for the animal. It consists of an isotonic solution and a pH similar to the tear. It contains, in its composition, benzalkonium chloride to facilitate cleaning and rose essence to provide a calming action.
    Product details
    Composition: Benzalkonium chloride, Essence of roses, Methylene blue, Purified water, Sodium borate, Boric acid, Sodium chloride.
    How to use
    You can directly instill a few drops in the animal's eye or apply it with a compress or cotton soaked in the solution to gently remove impurities.
    Ocryl Vet Ophthalmic Solution | 135mL
    • Ocryl Vet Ophthalmic Solution | 135mL