Ref: 6347609

Patta Allergy Complex for Dogs and Cats

Ref: 6347609

Complementary dietary food for dogs and cats with allergic reactions that helps to neutralize allergic processes and reduces inflammation and burning.

Beta-glucans + Bromelain

Suitable for dogs and cats

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    How to Use
    Dogs and cats weighing up to 10kg: 1/2 tablet, 2x daily. Dogs: 1 tablet for every 10kg, 2x a day. Administer outside meals. Recommended period of use: 3 to 8 weeks.
    Usage Advice
    Indications: Patta Allergies Complex is a veterinary supplement indicated for animals with allergic symptoms (itching, inflammation, localized wounds caused by excessive itching). Indicated in case of food allergy, vaccination, eczema, urticaria and in addition to the treatment of animals with corticosteroids or antihistamines. It contains, in its composition, quercetin, beta-glucans and bromelain.
    Product Details
    Dicalcium phosphate, Methylsulfonylmethane, Quercetin: 125mg, Mono and diglycerides of beenic acid, Beta-glucans (carbohydrate source): 75mg, Powdered bromelain (protein source): 50mg, Magnesium gluconate: 50mg, Magnesium stearate, sunflower oil, lipoic acid, Antioxidants: sodium ascorbate (1b301) 125mg, Flavorings: Glycine (2b17034) 50mg, Nettle extract (Urtica dioica L.) 75mg, Trace elements: Zinc (zinc amino acid chelate, hydrated) (3b606 ) 10mg. Crude protein: 6.26%; Crude fat: 5.41%; Crude fibers: 1.44%; Crude ash: 18.93%; Humidity: 15.35%.
    Patta Allergy Complex 60 tablets | Dogs and Cats
    • Patta Allergy Complex 60 tablets | Dogs and Cats