Ref: 6384859

Patta Derme Complex for Dog and Cat

Ref: 6384859

Complementary dietary food for dogs and cats that promotes healthy skin and hair.


Suitable for dogs and cats

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    Usage advice
    Patta Dermis Complex Drops is an animal food supplement indicated for dogs and cats with dry seborrhea, alopecia, erythema, itching, skin lesions, dry, brittle and dull coat, excessive hair loss, in case of acne and maintenance healthy skin and coat. It was developed to restore the vigor and integrity of the skin and hair and to reduce the symptoms of allergic processes. Its composition has fundamental elements in the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. Formula rich in essential fatty acids.
    Product details
    Composition: Evening primrose oil, fish oil
    How to use
    Small cats under 5 kg: 5 drops per day. Adult cats over 5 kg: 10 drops a day. Dogs: 5 drops per kg of body weight per day. The drops must be administered directly into the animal's mouth or mixed with its food.
    Patta Derme Complex Drops | Dog and cat
    • Patta Derme Complex Drops | Dog and cat