Ref: 6347708

Renal Protector Patta

Ref: 6347708

Protective paste for kidney function with anti-inflammatory, diuretic and prevention of stone formation in dogs and cats.


Suitable for dogs and cats

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    Usage advice
    Patta's Kidney Protection Paste is a complementary paste food suitable for dogs and cats. It is recommended as an adjunct to the treatment of lower urinary tract infections, in animals with urinary stones and as prevention in animals with recurrences of urinary infections. It is highly effective given the combined action of plants with anti-inflammatory properties and glucosamine that promotes diuresis, the regeneration of the glycosaminoglycan layer and the reduction of the risk of kidney stone formation.
    Product details
    Composition: Óleo mineral, Óleo de peixe, Lecitina de soja, N-Acetil-D-Glucosamina, Agropyron repens (grama), Ortosiphon stamineus, Lespedeza capitata, Glicerina, Lepidium sativum, Óleo de girassol.
    How to use
    Cats: administer 4 cm of paste, 2 times a day. Dogs: administer 8 cm of paste twice a day for every 10 kg of body weight.
    Renal Protector Patta | Dogs and cats
    • Renal Protector Patta | Dogs and cats